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WINAMAC, IND. (May X, 2018) Galbreath, the leading manufacturer of hoists, container handlers and trailers, has recently launched the SLCH-X loaded container handler with hydraulically adjustable fork assembly.  The new SLCH-93X and SLCH-113X models offer all the durability and performance Galbreath handlers are known for with added versatility and capability.

Designed with the user needs in mind, the adjustable fork models enable users to easily handle and haul containers, including front-end and rear-end loaders (up to 10 cubic yards), with wide variations in pocket and trunnion bar heights. With 24” of cylinder stroke, these models will pick up and transport up to 8,000 lb. containers that have fork pocket heights (FEL – front-end load) ranging from 17” up to 44 ½” and rear-end load (REL) containers with trunnion bars from 45” to 49” from the ground. This ensures that the hoist is in its fully down (transport) position while also maintaining a container that sits level on the frame rails. 

While the SLCH-X models are intended primarily for large and small waste handling companies that have contracts with small businesses or restaurants, their versatility and compatibility with other types of equipment, including salt spreaders, lends itself to other applications, increasing revenue opportunities for haulers. Since trucks are often called upon to pick up and dump FELs and RELs, the new model also helps drive cost savings and sustainability by giving haulers a means to easily transport containers to their intended locations without tying up their bigger, less fuel-efficient trucks.

The SLCH-93X and SLCH-113X also bring a safer means of transporting the containers by having them sit up on top of the chassis as opposed to hanging off the back of a truck.  They also make on-the-spot repairs much easier and safer by providing the capability to lift a wide range of containers and loaders, to perform needed maintenance in more ergonomic positions. The X models provide an extra degree of protection by allowing operators to level out the container on the chassis without having to re-attach the chain, tilt the forks or transport container with the hoist in a raised position.

“Galbreath is committed to knowing its customers better than anyone else, and we know our new SLCH-X models address their desire for versatility and toughness,” said, John Defenbaugh, Wastequip’s mobile division president. “From minimizing the need to invest in multiple pieces of equipment and increasing efficiency through ease of use and repair and the ability to haul loaded containers at highway speed, to allowing users to easily load and unload containers that previously had no load capability due to numerous repairs or non-standard constructions, we believe our X models offer great new options for the market and will be in great demand.”

Additional product features and benefits include:

  • Designed for low overhead clearance
  • Ratchet straps provide added container security
  • Joystick controls inside the cab for easy one-handed operation
  • Lightweight
  • Poly half-round fender
  • Inside joystick control
  • Pintle / Reese hitch-ready rear apron /bumper with LED lighting
  • Ratchet retainer straps
  • Rear-load attachment
  • Back-up alarm
  • Hoist-up alarm with signal light
  • Plug-and-play wiring
  • Rotates to fully dump container into standard 30-yard open-top
  • 20-gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • 3-micron return filtration

Sold through and backed by one of the largest North American waste industry dealer networks and featuring a standard 1-year hoist and 2-year limited hydraulic warranty, the SLCH-93X and SLCH-113X are available now. The new models have been validated through in-depth finite element analysis (FEA) and substantial field testing with a wide variety of container models to ensure compatibility, performance, reliability and long-term durability.