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CINCINNATI, OH 27 February 2018 - Lantek announces the launch of BeroSim in collaboration with Vicomtech, the Visual Interaction and Communications Technologies Center Foundation. The BeroSim 3D simulation software allows users to graphically and interactively calculate how heat sources affect sheet metal in the laser or plasma cutting process. The BeroSim solution will help the metal and sheet metal industry compete in a global environment driven by Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing.


By simulating the sheet metal cutting process, it is possible to anticipate and detect possible unforeseen anomalies in the layout phase. Since the BeroSim program is virtual, testing isn't done on the laser or plasma cutting machines. This saves precious machine time, materials and energy plus minimizes the risk of possible breakdowns or workplace accidents.

Using plasma or laser technologies increases the overall temperature of the sheet and modifies the properties of the material. These modifications may cause the characteristics of the sheet to become altered. BeroSim simulates heat 

distribution through the sheet as its cut and demonstrates how the heat affects the material.

BeroSim allows cutting strategy and the definition of cutting and machining order. This prevents possible material deformities.  The user can correct the cutting path and trajectory of the machine at any time, maintaining the optimal quality of the sheet.

"Digital transformation has become a key aspect in the industrial sector, which needs advanced technological solutions that provide added value, something that is only possible with research and innovation," explains Dr. Iñigo Barandiaran, Head of Vicomtech’s Department of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing. "The industrial sector must continue to be an economic engine and guarantor of stable employment, and this will be achieved with the help of technology." 

"With BeroSim, we assist the change process and the modernization of the sheet metal machining, simulation and verification sector," states Susana García, head of CAD/CAM systems development at Lantek. "BeroSim provides a set of innovative capabilities for greater efficiency in production processes, which enables the optimization of both material, human and economic resources."

The technological cooperation between Lantek and Vicomtech complements their innovation efforts for the industrial sector. The BeroSim project reinforces Lantek's position as a worldwide innovation leader. The Lantek Expert product offers highly differentiating features in a very competitive and mature market. At the same time, it supports Vicomtech’s role as a promoter and driver of applied research and as a facilitator for the development of new product prototypes. 

The BeroSim project has been recognized as a scientific breakthrough by the prestigious Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering which published an article regarding the research performed by Lantek and Vicomtech for interactive 3D simulation of the influence of heat during sheet metal cutting processes. "Understanding how heat sources affect sheet metal cutting processes is essential to designing efficient simulation tools. The success of BeroSim is a consequence of the fluid relationship between Lantek and Vicomtech,” added Dr. Aitor Moreno, Vicomtech researcher and expert in industrial process simulation techniques.