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Women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise globally. In the past year, 163 million women were starting businesses across 74 economies worldwide, while 111 million were running established businesses. This is according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016/17 Women’s Report released today with sponsors: Babson College, Smith College, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad Del Desarrollo, and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.

“This not only shows the magnitude of impact women entrepreneurs have across the globe, but highlights the contribution they make toward the growth and well-being of their societies,” said Babson College Professor and report co-author Donna Kelley. “Women entrepreneurs provide incomes for their families, employment for those in their communities, and products and services that bring new value to the world around them.”

Among the 63 economies surveyed in both this and the last report produced in 2015, GEM found that Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) among women increased by 10%, and the gender gap (ratio of women to men participating in entrepreneurship) narrowed by 5%. These same economies show an 8% increase in women’s ownership of established businesses.

Female Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) and Gender Ratio sees advancement, mainly due to improvements in Canada

Female entrepreneurship rates vary significantly across the economies surveyed. GEM groups economies into five levels of economic development (using criteria identified by the World Economic Forum) and six geographic regions: East and South Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, North America, and sub-Saharan Africa.


Female TEA rates ranged from 3% in Germany, Jordan, Italy and France to 37% in Senegal. In just five economies in two regions (Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam in Asia and Mexico and Brazil in Latin America), women participated in entrepreneurship at equal or higher rates than men.


Ten percent of all women entrepreneurs surveyed, operate their businesses on their own and have no intentions to add any employees in the next five years. Europe has the highest frequency of one-person female business activity, meaning they have no intentions of employing anyone else, whereas North  America with two advanced economies has the lowest.


Policy insight for better support of women entrepreneurs


GEM, now in its 18th year, has gained widespread recognition as the most authoritative longitudinal study of entrepreneurship in the world and, as such, it offers valuable insights to guide future research and policy decision-making as well as the design of interventions that can enhance women entrepreneurship, said GEM Executive Director Mike Herrington.


The data from this latest report highlights several key trends and paradoxes, he said. “As economic development and educational level increases, entrepreneurial participation among women declines and the gender gap increases, but business discontinuance also slows down. While the female discontinuance rate exceeds that of males in the first three levels of development, although only by about 10%, fewer women in highly developed innovation-driven economies have exited businesses, and at only two-thirds the rate of men.”

Also of note for policy makers is the finding that, on average, women exhibit a 20% or greater likelihood of citing necessity as a motive for starting a new business when compared to men – especially in less developed economies. A positive finding is that that women entrepreneurs have a 5% greater likelihood of innovativeness compared to men.

While there are no clear cut answers in the report, the data provides an important foundation for the support of female business growth and the creation of both economic and social value around the world, commented Herrington.

“In many respects this report shows that women entrepreneurs across the world are more different than similar in terms of personal demographics, attitudes, and the types of businesses they run,” he said. “This suggests that support initiatives for women entrepreneurs need be tailored and customised per economy - rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.” 


ConstructConnect, a leading provider of construction information and technology solutions in North America, announced its 32nd annual CanaData East Construction Industry Forecasts Conference, which features keynote speaker Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author. CanaData is recognized as a premier construction economic event for professionals throughout Canada and was designed to provide actionable insight into Canada’s construction industry. The one-day event takes place at the historic Liberty Grand in downtown Toronto on September 21, 2017.

CanaData is Canada’s leading indicator of future economic activity which includes high-profile speakers and discussions on residential, civil/engineering, and non-residential markets, with special emphasis on upcoming trends, infrastructure needs, interest rates and energy production.

“We have assembled one of the best multi-disciplinary speaker lineups in years,” said Craig Roberts, vice president of marketing and business development, ConstructConnect – Canada. “If part of your job is to know and communicate where construction is headed in the near term, we've got you covered. CanaData participants get a focused day out of the office to feed their brains and grow their network.”

In addition to Mr. Bernstein, this year’s conference lineup includes the following speakers:

  • Alex Carrick, chief economist CanaData/ConstructConnect
  • Bern Grush, autonomous fleet strategist, Grush Niles Strategic
  • Peter Hall, vice-president and chief economist, Export Development Canada
  • Dina Ignjatovic, economist, TD
  • Peter Norman, chief economist at Altus Group and general manager, Altus Group Economic Consulting
  • Craig Roberts, vice president of marketing and business development, ConstructConnect – Canada
  • Raymond Wong, vice president of data operations, data solutions, Altus Group Limited

“Canada’s economy is on the comeback trail, but too many uncertainties warn against breaking out the champagne just yet. Most importantly, there are crucial foreign trade issues in the U.S. that await resolution,” said ConstructConnect Chief Economist Alex Carrick. “Throughout the day, attendees will also benefit from hearing the outlook presentations of an exceptional lineup of speakers with expertise on specific construction markets. If it’s ‘budget season’ in your company, or if you crave to know more about your industry, don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to network with and learn alongside your peers.”

The event is open to the public. To reserve a seat for the event or learn more about the CanaData East Construction Industry Forecasts Conference, visit


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, August 21, 2017

Cameco (TSX: CCO; NYSE: CCJ) released an update today to its Sustainable Development Report, providing 2016 data for all 32 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators and two indicators unique to the corporation.

The update shows how Cameco performed against key indicators that measure social, environmental and economic impacts. The data was gathered using GRI 4.0 sustainability guidelines.

Highlights include...   <


FOREST, VA.— February 2017 —Nydree Flooring raises the bar for design-driven commercial flooring again with the first wide-plank, acrylic-infused option for the industry. Traditionally featured in residential spaces, 7.5” handcrafted planks are a style trend that make spaces look larger and more modern. The Nydree Wide Plank product line combines the durability of its signature acrylic-infusion technology and latest design trend of the wide-plank product.

Nydree Flooring’s wide-plank option is available in 5 SKUs of Plainsawn White Oak, one of Nydree’s top products for contemporary commercial spaces. The Plainsawn White Oak wide-plank option is popular among hospitality, retail, restaurants and other commercial developments.

“At Nydree, our passion is to deliver top-of-the-line products that not only meet our consumers’ needs but exceeds their design expectations,” said Jason Brubaker, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our consumers desired a product with a residential feel in their commercial spaces, and we are pleased to offer the acrylic-infused, wide-plank option as a result.”

Nydree’s namesake horse farm in Albermarle County, is known for its beauty and strength, which is paralleled in each handcrafted plank of wood flooring. Like all of Nydree Flooring’s products, this new wide-plank flooring option is made of real, natural wood with an acrylic-infused top layer. Its signature acrylic-infusion process produces 300 percent more durable flooring than standard wood.

This American-crafted collection uses high-end Baltic-Birch plywood, UV-cured ceramic urethane and acrylic infusion making it the most durable, design-driven flooring option. The wide-plank option upholds Nydree’s promise to provide the most-sustainable flooring products for commercial spaces. It is a low-emitting product, CARB Phase 2 compliant, FloorScore and Chain of Custody certified by Scientific Certification Systems to Forest Stewardship Council standards (Chain of Custody Number SCS- COC-003343).

“For more than 15 years, Nydree Flooring has been on the cutting-edge of design, sustainability and durability in the flooring industry, “ said Brubaker. “With these three crucial components to our business, we are excited to continue to provide the premier flooring products for years to come.”

For more information or to request samples of the wide-plank option, visit <> . 


Kemp, TX: Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, announced the release of a new explosion proof LED fixture with an adjustable table arm mount (EXHL-TBL-LE1-50C-1227-EPP). This table arm mounted LED has been specifically designed for inspections in hazardous locations.

This explosion proof adjustable LED fixture from Larson Electronics features an adjustable table arm mount that eliminates the need for removing the light when repositioning, making it great for industrial inspections that require great attention to detail. It can be attached with a clamp to tables, work benches or other compatible structures. This explosion proof LED is rated NEMA Type 3, 4, 4X, 7 (B,C,D) and 9 (E,F,G) and designed to withstand the rigors of demanding environmental and operating conditions, while still remaining lightweight. It requires no installation or special tools, and includes a 50’ chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord.

This explosion proof LED light fixture comes available in two lighting configurations, spot and flood, and operates on voltages of 120-277V AC. The LED housing is composed of cast copper-free aluminum while the lenses is made of tempered glass, making is resistant to shock and vibrations. The ability to operate in extreme temperatures and the waterproof design enable this explosion proof fixture to be used in Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 and Class III, Divisions 1 and 2 hazardous locations.

“When working within hazardous locations, the last thing anyone wants to do is waste precious time” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The adjustable arm on this explosion proof LED enables it to quickly mount to surfaces without wasting time trying to install it. Quick and painless.”


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